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Everyone is welcome to view the East Wind website and we encourage you to do so.

East Wind association members are encouraged to "register" for access to the East Wind website.  Registering for the website allows the Board of Directors as well as the Association Management Company "VESTA" the opportunity to send mass emails in the event of an emergency or some other event which association members may have interest.

In addition, Association members who are "registered website users" gain access to information and documents 
not viewable to those not registered.  If a topic has the image of a lock Related image beside it the topic is restricted to certain groups.  Most topics are open to any "registered user".  

Registration is limited to "East Wind Home Owners".  

You must be a "registered user" of the East Wind website to view the Community Room calendar. 

To Reserve The Community Room: 
  • Check the Community Room calendar to ensure your date and times are available.
  • Use the "Contact Form" to request your reservation.  
To Cancel a Community Room Reservation:
  • Use the "Contact Form" to cancel your reservation.