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Community / Party Room Calendar

You must be an owner of East Wind to book the Community Room calendar. If you are a guest at East Wind and wish to reserve the community room please contact your unit's owner or the Property Management Company you went through to rent your unit. 

Please provide the following information: 
  • Your Name
  • The Date you wish to reserve the community room
  • The four hour period you wish to reserve the community room
  • Indicate if your event is private or open to all owners and guests

To Reserve The Community Room: 
  • Check the Community Room calendar to ensure your date and times are available.
  • Use the "Contact Form" to request your reservation.  
  • Please indicate if your requested event is "an open event or private".  Acceptance of the reservation is not dependent on this information.  It would be used to let the association members know if this is an event they are welcome to join or if it is a private event.  
To Cancel a Community Room Reservation:
  • Use the "Contact Form" to cancel your reservation.   
Community Room reservations are limited to 4 hour intervals per unit.  This prevents an owner from blocking the entire day when not actually needed for the entire day.  We do understand that some events require more than 4 hours especially if your event requires setup and cleanup.  Please try to limit reservations to 4 hour intervals but if you truly need additional time please indicate that in your request on the "Contact Form" and the board will be more than happy to try to accommodate your request.  

  • CLEAN UP OF THE PARTY / COMMUNITY ROOM is the responsibility of the individual placing the reservation.  Unit owners must sponsor events and take responsibility for their guests.
  • Rules for Clean up of the Community Room are posted in the kitchen area.
  • PARTY / COMMUNITY ROOM DOORS are NOT to be locked.